About us and Thatch Export

Africa Thatch has been in operation since 1984. Africa Thatch is the creator, designer and founder of the thatch panel. The first company to export the thatch panel and the only company to manufacture the original designed thatch panel. Africa Thatch supplies this unique roofing product. Our pre-thatched panels (triangular and square frames) in modular form, allow our thatched roof products to be erected anywhere in the world. By simply attaching our pre-constructed roof and timber wall panels together, you can create umbrellas, lapas, gazebos and cottages of various sizes. There is no need to hire expensive thatchers. Windows, doors and decorative panels can be added to our gazebos for various applications.

Why Africa Thatch? 

Did you know that thatch grass has to die after it has frosted, before it should be cut, to use for thatching. That is why we cut our grass in the winter months and stock our grass in warehouses to provide quality thatch that we use for our thatch roof.

Our thatch units are a unique design. The thatch roof is made in a panel form, that is compact and tightly done with genuine thatch grass and the inside of the roof is a steel structure which makes it durable, strong and maintenance free. No brushing and combing.

We have over 30 years of experience , specialising in the one thatch product that you are looking for.
Our product allows the user to enjoy the benefits of:
  • Natural aesthetic beauty
  • A sun shade and shelter from the rain
  • Easy installation Low maintenance
  • Replaceable and interchangeable panels with various combinations available
  • Durability and a long-life span
  • Low labour requirements
  • Fire protection treatment (optional)

Our umbrellas can be used for:
  • Holiday resorts
  • Security Estates
  • Golf courses
  • Beer gardens
  • Private gardens
  • Beach front hotels
  • Sidewalk cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Car washes and Garages
  • Swimming Pools
Our fully enclosed cottages can be used for holiday accommodation, extra rooms added onto your home and garden cabins.